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Smart Mobile phones, are becoming the Norm. When once an entire Apartment and several million Dollars were needed to obtain a computer, today for a couple of hundred dollars we have a more sophisticated device in our pocked that is a 1000 times more powerful and can be used in so many various ways.

The question today is, “So many various ways?” What are these ways you may ask. Take a picture, make a video call, share your interests with your peers, and entertain your self… Yes, that is all good. But why not use it for work? I mean, “WORK” that thing that we all have to do but hate (Most of us), consumes a vast part of our lives, gives us least satisfaction (except for the salary at the end of the month( if you say so…) let’s face it. If you were to list down things that you hate when it comes to your job, the list would be endless.

So why not make work a bit fun, combine it with something that you use to entertain yourself. Something that you can’t keep your hands off… Yes, I am talking about your smart phone. With more than a billion Smartphone users around the world, it is overtaking laptops and conventional computing. And as processing power increases, more robust technology such as the CAT phone are developed and with prices decreasing, the multiple uses are going to be only limited by our imagination.

Ever considered how Smartphone are all you need to successfully run your business? Looking into your staff challenges & grievances as they happen, Keep track of their work progress & assist them on the go & resolve issues as they happen on the field, and train & guide them on the run. Bill your customers as work is done, Empower your sales team, Get the best out of your marketing team: when they are at their creative peak (at night), Track your expenses, in depth Surveys, accurate research, graphical reports, interactive correspondence are but a mere fraction of what you can achieve through your Smartphone.

But, if you think that the Smartphone assisted business management is only to make work more fun, you are missing a much bigger picture. Due to its ability communicate through multiple channels, it gives you the ability to hear, see, track location, time, temperature, weather and everything in between. With smart card readers, you can make it an online payment portal. Add more peripheral sensors and it becomes a 3D mapping & surveying, logistics management, visual work progress tracking instrument and the list is limited once again only by our imagination

But the greatest benefit from this little device that you carry in your pocket, is the time and Money that you save while making yours & your employees’ work life less stressful, so that you actually have time to do what you love to do the most with your smart phone, entertain your self…

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