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Evolution of Marketing Automation

How tech has changed customer acquisition and CRM

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68% organizations in Norway do not use any marketing automation tools. Almost 80% of SMEs and startup have not identified what is the ideal marketing automation tools for their respective businesses.
Tech startups, despite being tech heavy, still lack behind when it comes to technology to increase their market cap and acquire valuable long term customers and fans. It is a lack of technical knowledge or marketing.

Chat bots, Robotic process automation and other automated customer relationship management technology is making it much easier to cater to your customer's specific needs and laser target prospects, engage and convert them to customers.


Voice and tone recognition has made it easier to understand and log customer preferences. Visualization has made it easier for people experience products and digital storytelling.


Join us and learn how to deliver a unique customer experience, create stronger brand awareness and loyalty.

1st speaker

Ken Jordet.jpg

Kent Jordet
The current state of marketing, why are organizations failing to reach their customers and continue on an upward trajectory, despite all the latest tools available to them.
The numbers that talk for themselves. What are the companies that are succeeding and how are they doing it.

Booth #1 ViScan

Get yourself a chance to win a free scan of your location. Use 3D virtual viewings as a great and competitive door opener.
3D walk-through you will draft engagements online and create efficiency in the search/viewing process. This will save your clients time and money while making your offer more attractive.
Find out how Virtual 3D twins can help you in Marketing, Human resource management,
Facility management, retail, event management, construction, real estate, and hospitality.

Viscan logo.JPG

2nd speaker

Sigurd Vik.jpg

Sigurd J. Vik, Coupler
A brief insight into The latest AI, Big data, Virtual and augmented reality and other cutting edge tech that is transforming the marketing landscape.

How the marketing landscape has changed throughout the years and how traditional marketing can be combined with the latest technology

3rd speaker

Erik Horn.JPG

Erik Horn
With so many devices and platforms capturing our data, from facial recognition to fingerprint and Geo-location, every platform and application is recording our data.
How do you protect your customer data and what are the steps do you require to take to ensure compliance at throughout your customer journey.

4th speaker

Stig Martin.jpg

Stig Martin Fiskå
Director of Artificial Intelligence and Analytics in Cognizant Nordics

What’s the realm of possibilities and maturity of AI – and why are Nordic countries so slow to adopt?
Research done by Cognizant indicated that no-one in Europe claims to spend as much money on data- and AI-projects as Nordic businesses. Yet businesses in Nordics are lagging behind all of Europe in AI-adoption, automation and successful implementation to scale.


5th speaker

entrepreneur capital.JPG

Booth #2 3D-Viewing 

Digitally map buildings giving people the freedom to experience any place at any time. Create 3D models as a primary medium for experiencing, sharing, and re-imagining the world around you. Automated, high-quality reality capture and distribution at the push of a button. Scan any place lightning-fast, incredible ease, and fully automated.

Booth #3 Rainfall AS

Rainfall works with AI/ VR/ AR and IOT through our Inhouse department and is an IT company with 41 employees and offices in London and Bergen. Be sure to smile at our emotion detecting light bulb it knows if you are happy or angry


Booth #4Ludenso

We help bridge the gap between the physical and digital world, by providing tools for thousands of developers through our open source platform for mobile AR. This way they can create magical content for millions of customers worldwide to experience the new digital reality.
Your portable cinema, aimed to change the way people consume their media content. It has sold over 10.000 units across 70 countries, and can be found in over 500 retail locations

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