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As environmental challenges and human consumer behavior grow, we see the impact on the planet increasing daily. Despite all efforts to curb this, we still have continuously surpassed Earth over-shoot day, year after year.

​For the first time in human history we are struggling with abundance and the lack the ability to managing this. Despite the most advanced technology at our fingertips, yet we struggle to understand its adaptation and application due to our existing educational system which is designed for the production line economy back in 1930s.

What we are currently facing is not a lack of technology, rather a lack of creativity in using this technology in innovative ways.

This course will be a comprehensive guide on bridging this gap and enabling you to identify challenges within an organization/industry or community. Find relevant tech or a combination to solve all today's environmental and social issues.

This program is specifically designed to showcase how creative use of technology together with the shift in the mindsets of the user can transform our businesses and societies.

You will be guided and instructed by industry professionals working hands on with these solutions and get field training thus opportunities to train with leading corporations to startups.

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