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1st speaker 

Achmad Nasir Pedab.jpg

Achmad Nasir, Pedab Norway

Technology has given us an edge in business and in our lives. This is not just due to the advancement but more accessibility. With subscription based business models, today any small and medium scale companies have access to the same level of tech that a large corporation has.


2nd speaker

Sander Omrcen Inspur.jpg

Sander Omrcen, Inspur Systems

(Watch video)


Technology such as assisted reality solutions has helped us optimize productivity and mobility for front-line workers. Challenges such as Security, Latency is drastically reduced to solutions such as Blockchain based optimized server / storage systems. Edge computing for AI / IoT / fully given field based staff fully hands-free with real time analytics.

3rd speaker

David Sims Dynabook.JPG

David Sims, Dynabook Europe

(Watch video)

This has enabled environmental and social governance as well as better working conditions increasing productivity. Join us and see how your organization can have a leading edge.

4th speaker

Martin Kirknes_Huawei.JPG

Martin Kirknes, Huawei

(Watch video)

Huawei - simplify your IP Infrastructure using AI

Additional  presentations


Eduardo Ibacache Rodriguez,

Entrepreneur capital

With the power of mobile edge computing and cloud storage, digital transformation of any business has accelerated rapidly. Adding to this the accelerated adaptation of tech due to the recent pandemic.


Marianne Mazarino Håkonsen

Creative Strategist & Partnership Manager offering consulting within commercial real estate, shopping centers and retail industry


6th speaker


Magnus Jones, Nordic Blockchain & Innovation Lead | EY Tax & Law

(Watch video)

Magnus Jones and Gjert Melsom established The Norwegian EY Blockchain team at the end of 2015, with almost 30 people who work with this on a daily basis.


The Nordic region's largest and most competent consulting environment within Blockchain, Magnus and his team work with everything from start-ups to public listed companies, and provide services ranging from Tax & Law to Fraud / Forensic, Sustainability, financial services, accounting and auditing.

Magnus will be talking about the current ecosystem within block chain in Norway. 

5th speaker

Mohamed Ghouse.jpg

Mohamed Ghouse,

automation and visualization (using AI, computer vision and augment reality) of operation / measurement for better overview and control

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