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Technology and sustainability
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Helping your business and you community become more sustainable with powerful low tech solutions

As technology evolves, becoming more user-friendly and costs go down, cloud computing and advanced high-speed data transfer combined with robust, mobile hardware such as Smartphones, other mobile monitoring and autonomous devices etc. have given rise to an explosion of the real-world applications. Combining this with the power of AI and machine learning, IoT, Big data and robotics makes gathering, analyzing, simulating and executing in the field has become seamless and instant.


Vixel develop VR- and MR-tools for some of the largest players within engineering, construction, energy and rocket technology. We specialize in fully automating the visualization processes involved in using virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR), and the data-flow in and out of virtual space.


CHECKD is a cloud-connected toolkit of mobile applications designed specifically to solve measurable problems with managing small, medium and large construction projects. CHECKD is simply about getting control in the easiest way possible. Yes, it´s that easy


Through reality capture, digital visitors can today easily inspect buildings remotely and professionals can easily get access to the 3D virtual copy of any existing property. This makes communication more efficient and reducing cost and time due to unnecessary travel.


With food shortages looming, here is an opportunity to use Edible insects as a new source of protein and nourishment.Check out a range of Edible crickets, Edible Grasshopper, Edible Meal-worms, Edible worms           

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1st speaker

Dr Rashmi Gupta.jpg
Dr. Rashmi Gupta (video)

Postdoctoral Researcher in CAIR Research lab UiA

Dr Rashmi will be talking about how AI Technology Supports Sustainability of Norwegian Agriculture.

Optimize volume, quality and sustainability in grain production. The advancements in technology makes it easier to track the grain "from soil to table" using machine learning applied to data from the entire value chain via grain reception and further plant structure to final products. This enables us to give value for the individual farmer, the entire agricultural industry.

2nd speaker

Ingvild Araldsen Blom.jpg
Ingvild Araldsen Blom (video)

Director Digital Platform Services Sopra Steria

Ingivild will be talking about Digitization, Project and application management using Cloud technology and other innovations to create a Digital Agenda around within sustainability and Change management.

3rd speaker

Rune Larsen.jpg
Rune Larsen (video)

Industry X Lead Nordics Accenture

Rune will be talking about combining all available data with other semantic data sources such as payment terminals, weather, traffic and historic data to gives us the opportunity to successfully predict incidents before they happen ensuring accurate allocation of resources thus reduce or eliminate waste.

4th speaker

Oskar Nybråten (video)

Regional Lead Nordics - Net Zero Cloud

How to use data to reduce your environmental impact. Salesforce a leading software provider supporting sales teams around the world is leading the way in making the energy intensive tech industry to better monitor and manage emissions

5th speaker

Trine_Markusson Kvalberg.png
Trine Markusson Kvalberg (video)

Bouvet ASA

Educated in the management of sustainable innovation and business development, She is an agile project manager and advisor, who has experience and a great interest in innovation, strategy and sustainability.
Trine will talk about the GoForIt initiative, which consists of experts from academia, research, the IT industry and industry organizations that are developing Norway's most important arena for knowledge development at the intersection between digitization and sustainability

6th speaker

Maria Davis_picture (002).jpg
Maria Davis (video)


Bridging the gap between Property and Technology

Maria will be speaking about how Airthings, is helping schools and commercial buildings Balance health and Energy Saving/Sustainability.

7th speaker

Rosa von Krogh.jpg
Rosa von Krogh (video)

Partner & Head of Sustainability, NoA Ignite

Working to apply my understanding of people and business to create services that are good for people, planet and profit, Rosa together with Ruter will be talking about how they have applied technology to make public transportation more sustainable

8th speaker

Rune Tinkler.jpg
Rune Schanke Eikum (video)

Innovation Consultant at Tinkr & PhD Candidate

Rune will be speaking about The cost of implementation and adaptation, identifying the right mix of tech to help your organization or community to save resources and increase efficiency has never been easier.

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