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The Job Market of the Future

1. What experiences and skills are in demand currently to work with AI/ machine learning

2. What new job opportunities will be created due to AI and Machine learning

3. How could current skills and expertise could be transferred to work with AI/ML

4. What job roles are expected to diminish due to AI

Are you employed or looking for employment in the Marketing, Sales, Media, journalism, advertising, communication or the IT sector?

​Gartner have identified AI as the next industrial “megatrend,” A new analysis suggests that at current growth rates, AI will only cover 19% of the jobs lost after its implementation.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought with it the potential for improved efficiency of resources, heightened productivity in manufacturing, and even the potential for low-cost medical care in the developing world.


We will have presentations from Gjensidige, SopraSteria and CGI about the challenges related to hiring people with the right skill to work with AI.

Its not just the techies but Philosophy, Psychology, marketing, sales, customer management, journalism, advertising, communication ect are important roles to consider when developing and training AI to behave more human.

​The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion. Join us and find out how you can utilize your skills to work alongside Artificial intelligence.


In addition we will be looking in to research from McKinsey & Company's forecasting that even white-collar industries such as finance, insurance, healthcare, legal, information and communications, which rely on rigid systems of routine, could easily be replicated by digital technology.


This way, less than 5% of jobs could be entirely replaced by technology, over 60% of all work activities could be in some manner automated by 2055. PwC, has calculated that as many as 30% of jobs in Britain and 38% in America could be automated by 2030. Deloitte, in the other hand stated, as of 2016 automation had created more jobs than it ended. They suggest that automation would continue to create work elsewhere, as the economy goes through a realignment, rather than a reduction.


Join us for this February 26, at Mesh 1800. Click here for registration


The speakers

Business Area Director - Xperience. Leader of Sopra Steria Next, CDO Applications at Sopra Steria
Director at Sopra Steria Business Consulting
Data Strategist | Director Consulting Services | Advanced Analytics Solutions at CGI