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At the "Norwegian Startup Forum," we believe in the power of ideas to transform the world. Be part of an event that transcends boundaries, where startups and stakeholders unite to shape a sustainable tomorrow. Let's innovate, collaborate, and pave the way for a future where sustainability isn't just a goal but a shared reality. Date: 26.02.24, 1600 | Venue: Rebel, Oslo, Universitets gate 02 Embark on a journey where your startup's potential meets limitless possibilities. See you at the "Norwegian Startup Forum" — where sustainability meets innovation!

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Media Monday Oslo


Media Monday is where creativity meets technology, we inspire and educate people about the current disruption in business and society due to tech being re imagined. With immersive and interactive experience to get a first hand exposure to what it is to work with such technology


We automate your company law processes and make life easier for shareholders, boards and management.

Digital shareholder book Automated production of board and general meeting minutes Administration of equity programs Efficient and digitized execution of issues


A wide array of technologies including remote sensing, computer vision and advanced analytics to supply high quality forest and agriculture based carbon credits

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Disrupt Marketing

Booth #3

Nima Darabi1.jpg
Nima Darabi

Founder, Data Scientist, Skoog

He will be talking about how to Big data, machine learning and a wide array of technologies including remote sensing, computer vision and advanced analytics to supply high quality forest and agriculture based carbon credits .


Tamina Sheriffdeen Raufd
Development policy spokesperson for the Oslo Labor Party

The speaker will be speaking about the current challenges the political arena faces in Norway when it comes to social impact, including housing, greens shift, job market, digitization and AI

Runa Haug Khoury.jpg
Runa Haug Khouryn
Cleantech Leadership I ESG.

The speaker will be touching on business development: how social impact projects can get investments and partnerships from technology and other large companies

Natia Chkhetiani.jpg
Natia Chkhetiani

Educate rural people in the Baltic on sustainability.

The speaker will be talking about the they are using traditional methods to educate people in rural areas on sustainability.

Ndey Jobarteh
Diversity and equal opportunity through mentoring.

As an author, writer and has published 5 books, she works with "Sammen Om En Jobb", a mentor program for immigrants that are highly qualified. The program not only gives highly skilled and educated professionals, opportunities, but educates Norwegian business leaders on utilizing these skillets

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Fanny Charlot Hansen.jpg
Fanny Charlot Hansen

Co-Founder, YouSustain

The speaker will be giving us a brief about her finding when it comes to working with clients as a sustainability consultant, the challenges they face currently

Guro Austvik Letnes

Senior lawyer, tax & company law, restructuring, shareholder agreements, succession, M&A, dispute resolution and litigation 

The speaker will talk about commercial legal matters relating to tax and company law, What legal requirements do we have to comply with for our specific type of social impact project What are the tax implications for the organization that runs social impact projects.

Tristan Troy

Komet Media, TikTok for marketing 

The speaker will talk about using Tik Tok to market your business and how to gain followers with interactive videos for social impact projects.

Jens Torbjørn Kanden

Creating sense of data through our autistic IT consultants

The speaker will be talking about on neurodiversity and business intelligence. An going social impact project where the latest machine learning and gamification is used to identify the special skills of autistic professionals

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