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AI trends for 2019
Work, Business and investment opportunities in AI

As AI goes mainstream we look at different business areas where Artificial intelligence and machine learning has been adapted to increase productivity, revenue and reduce cost.

From reading MRI in the healthcare sector to better understand anomalies to decipher buying patterns of various customer segments: every operational part of industry is starting use machine learning. The phenomenon is creating various new job opportunities such as housewives working from home mapping images for image recognition algorithms to students doing part time jobs training AI in other simple tasks such as language processing and reading CVs.

As we become more multicultural and our needs become personalized business are finding ways of using AI to identify these preferences and deliver better goods and services, which is giving rise to completely new industries creating new job markets

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1st speaker


Miriam Øyna, Simplifai

Where is AI today – and where are we heading?

Artificial intelligence for the future workforce. Simplifai's vision is to simplify business processes through the smart application of artificial intelligence and automation technology.

Artificial intelligence is about to change the workplace. An increasing number of industries see the value in adopting AI solutions. Miriam Øyna from Simplifai will give an overview of some of the business functions where AI will play a major role.


Simplifai is a Norwegian technology company that creates AI solutions for a variety of industries. After just one year in business, the Simplifai team has grown to 35 people

2nd speaker


Gautam Chandna, TikkTalk

Gautam is the CEO & Co-Founder of TikkTalk, a marketplace that connects customers with certified interpreters. He spent years writing code at Opera Software for web, mobile, tv and even the Nintendo Wii, and then several years more managing business partnerships with companies worldwide. With his technical background and experience running a business, he creates value by adding automation where it has the most impact

He will be talking about augmenting AI with human being to deliver a higher standard in services plus the challenges in working with the governmental sector.

3rd speaker


Shailendra Singh Chauhan, Microsoft

Helping customers in their Digital Transformation journey with Cloud adoption. Designing and implementing solutions with Cloud(public and hybrid), Containers, Open Source, SAP, Apps and Infra etc.

I have more than 15 years of experience in information technology which started working as system administrator, programmer and web developer. I have worked with software engineering, project management, architecture, solution design and maintenance

Booth #1 Trygg-Grunn AS

delivers courses and exercises in order to reduce the risks and consequences of threats and use of violence in the work space. BRAK-VR aims to give people a sense of security while working, so the treatment of patients can be their main focus


Booth #2 VR Oslo

The aim of VR Oslo business cluster is to provide expert knowledge in Norway and internationally, serving local and global markets. VR Oslo is a testing ground for students, startups, and enthusiasts, where they can share insights with the biggest players on the globe

VR OSLO1.png

Booth #3 Rainfall AS

Rainfall works with AI/ VR/ AR and IOT through our Inhouse department and is an IT company with 41 employees and offices in London and Bergen. Be sure to smile at our emotion detecting light bulb it knows if you are happy or angry


Booth #4 Ludenso

We help bridge the gap between the physical and digital world, by providing tools for thousands of developers through our open source platform for mobile AR. This way they can create magical content for millions of customers worldwide to experience the new digital reality.
Your portable cinema, aimed to change the way people consume their media content. It has sold over 10.000 units across 70 countries, and can be found in over 500 retail locations

Copy of Ludenso-logo-(Gradient)-.png

Booth #5 VRDen 

Unique experience center that offers the latest virtual reality technology. Such as racing and flight simulators with VR glasses and moving seats. You can play in many shooting VR games, run roller coaster, fly an X wing fighter through star destroyers and much more

Booth #7 NEXTGen

NextGen is a digital design bureau tackling 3D, VR and Mixed reality digital marketing challenges. They deliver customized virtual reality experiences and generate leads using VR

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