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In 2020 more AI is coming online, into our lives, children's bedrooms.. Just as GDPR, Electric Kick-bikes, should we have rules for the development of AI as well?


Children today are growing up with AI powered toys robots automation which are tracking their development their liking dislikes and sending back information to their makers.

We have to bring in as much critical thought and question technology as much as we believe it is the solution and also is is the problem.


If your organization is in the process of developing any Machine learning or AI solutions or are planning to roll out or upgrade an existing system using the this tech, It's imperative to ensure that it complies to EU regulations and avoid any hassle and cost.


Join us and get a peek preview into how the development of AI and machine learning is going to be regulated and get a chance to speak to specialists from TCS, Tieto, Bouvet, IBM, PWC and other technology giants currently leading the way in the development of the tech.

We would be ending the session with a panel debate on the topic, the panel will be joined by additional members from Capgemini and Sinteff digital                                                                                                              


Panel  debate code #D721


Working with large businesses to automate routine tasks through AI. Simplifai partner with their customers to increase their competitive advantage entering the digital era and to liberate the full potential of their human capitol. Simplifai's vision is make work more fun and to release the full potential of human employees through the smart application of artificial intelligence and automation technology.


Miriam Øyna

Product Manager at Simplifai


Lars Erlend Leganger, PhD

Director | Head of AI/ML | PwC Norway

Lars leads the AI team at PwC Digital Trust, which supports safe and responsible use of advanced analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence across value chains and industries.
Since 2014, Lars has built value-creating machine learning solutions for a wide range of applications, from credit scoring for crowdfunding startups to customer insights and AI-driven process improvement in established businesses with complex IT landscapes.
Lars Erlend holds a doctorate in statistical quantum physics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology

henning IBM.jpg

Loek Vredenberg, IBM Norway EBU

Technical Leader at IBM Norway

With along and extensive career in the IT industry where he has acquired deep technical and leadership experiences on a variety of projects in different industries. Since the start of his professional career in 1985 in IBM The Netherlands Loek has held many different technical positions from programmer/analyst and deep technical roles to enterprise architecture and technical advisor to CxO level executives with clients. Loek combines business, process and technical skills with a passion for a holistic and integrated view of business and IT


Anders Bryhni, Sintef Digital

"SINTEF is Norways largest applied research institute, with offices and clients around the country. With expertise in a multitude of scientific fields and experience from applications in a broad range of industries, SINTEF meets critical business needs for clients every day.

Anders Bryhni holds a MSc in Engineering Cybernetics from NTNU and has 15 years of experience from working in the intersection of technology and business both in Norwegian and international companies. Based in Oslo, he is currently business developer for SINTEF Digital and leads SINTEFs strategic initiative on Digitalization."

Booth #2 Xlayer

Xlayer Technologies AS is developing the Xlayer ™ Software System which will be a groundbreaking new application based platform focusing on everything in Extended Reality. It will include a variety of digital tools that will radically streamline work and interaction processes in the construction industry worldwide (and other industries) via Extended Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing.

Xlayer logo.png

Booth #3 Xvision AS

Xvision has many years of experience, helping engineering and technial companies both large and small visualize technical concepts, products and services. X vision has developed an application called the Field Activity Planner, this ground-breaking software uses the latest technology from SAAS, VR and Big Data in a very visual and intuitive way

X vision logo1_edited.png

Booth #4

Drammen Racing Center

Prolek AS is a company that provides high end simulators for rental and purchase. For purchase; we can provide any kind of motion platform with integrated software and VR experience. For rental; we have specialized in racing simulators with integrated VR experience

Prolek logo Offisiell.png

Panel Member

Alex KPMG.jpg

Alex Moltzau, KPMG


He is the co-founder of AI Social Research. He is currently working on a collaborative project between a large charity, developers and consultants focused on AI for Good. He is additionally a student at the University of Oslo combining studies in computer science and social science

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