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Big Data & AI in Marketing and Communication


As technologies such as visual recognition become more commercially viable, IoT and other remote monitoring devices gather more accurate information: the data created cannot be sorted by legacy applications.

Utilizing AI or machine learning gives us the ability to decipher this information into actionable data thus creating new business models and employment opportunities.

Not just from a business point of view, also better user experience serving communities and maintaining sustainable growth in the cities as well as rural areas.

Join us the 27th of August for a Media Monday Oslo special event on how big data together with AI is helping us to better communicate and market our products and services

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1st speaker

Dr Naci.jpg

Dr. M. Naci Akkøk

Our keynote speaker serves as Oracle's Chief Architect in the Nordics and the head of Venstre partiets’ think-tank in technology policies. He is a technologist, academic, researcher and politician with decades of experience, seeking to bridge the gap between business, politics and research.


At Oracle, he is involved in exploring the latest trends in technology including Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Machine learning.


His presentation, “Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) in marketing applications and its ecosystem”, will discuss the implications of AI/ML and their applications in today's market.

2nd speaker

Pål Hansen.jpg

Pål Børseth-Hansen,

Pål is a physicist, he is also business development manager at Inmeta Consulting, where he Is in charge of Machine Learning.


Inmeta, part of Crayon Group will talk about Machine Learning (ML) applied to real customer scenarios within marketing and eCommerce in the Norwegian market. They will discuss the approach to starting a sound ML journey, share experience from the field, and elaborate on scenarios that can be addressed in the near future based on the newest algorithms and ML technology.

Espen Bergh.jpg

Espen Bergh,

Business development manager, Inmeta Consulting.

3rd speaker


Jo Jørgen Stordal,

Our final speaker is AR and VR  producer at Pointmedia and a Gold medalist in the Norwegian Retail prize 2012.


He will be taking about the far end of big data which is the most important component, making the data understandable for mere humans


Pointmedia has developed a holographic solution that visualizes this data in a very immersive and understandable manner augmenting the data to physical locations. Their system is already in use by companies such as Aker Solutions

Booth #1 HP

Unlock the full potential of VR with the most powerful wearable VR PC ever created. his light, comfortable backpack and hot swappable batteries lets you work, demonstrate, or train people with VR in any space

hp vr1.png

Booth #2 VR Oslo

The aim of VR Oslo business cluster is to provide expert knowledge in Norway and internationally, serving local and global markets. VR Oslo is a testing ground for students, startups, and enthusiasts, where they can share insights with the biggest players on the globe

VR OSLO1.png

Booth #3 Rainfall AS

Rainfall works with AI/ VR/ AR and IOT through our Inhouse department and is an IT company with 41 employees and offices in London and Bergen. Be sure to smile at our emotion detecting light bulb it knows if you are happy or angry


Booth #4 3d-Viewing 

Digitally map buildings giving people the freedom to experience any place at any time. Create 3D models as a primary medium for experiencing, sharing, and re-imagining the world around you. Automated, high-quality reality capture and distribution at the push of a button. Scan any place lightning-fast, incredible ease, and fully automated.

Booth #5 VRDen 

Unique experience center that offers the latest virtual reality technology. Such as racing and flight simulators with VR glasses and moving seats. You can play in many shooting VR games, run roller coaster, fly an X wing fighter through star destroyers and much more

Booth #6 Sennheiser

Sennheiser is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission technology.

We shape the future of audio, based on our heritage, innovation culture, and passion for excellence


Booth #7 NEXTGen

NextGen is a digital design bureau tackling 3D, VR and Mixed reality digital marketing challenges. They deliver customized virtual reality experiences and generate leads using VR

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