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Norwegian Startup Forum
Rebel, Universities gate 2 

If you have a dream of being an entrepreneur or growing your startup into a sustaining business, this is the ideal event to gain the knowledge and contacts

As technology evolves, becoming more user-friendly and costs go down, creating tailor made solutions is easier than ever. This is giving amazing opportunities for non tech professionals in different industry to create special solutions for their respective industries. Many have taken this concept to create businesses providing industry specific specialized digital tools. Learn how to create, grow and establish a sustainable startup or accelerate your scale-up it to the next level.


Vixel develop VR- and MR-tools for some of the largest players within engineering, construction, energy and rocket technology. We specialize in fully automating the visualization processes involved in using virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR), and the data-flow in and out of virtual space.


CHECKD is a cloud-connected toolkit of mobile applications designed specifically to solve measurable problems with managing small, medium and large construction projects. CHECKD is simply about getting control in the easiest way possible. Yes, it´s that easy


Through reality capture, digital visitors can today easily inspect buildings remotely and professionals can easily get access to the 3D virtual copy of any existing property. This makes communication more efficient and reducing cost and time due to unnecessary travel.


With food shortages looming, here is an opportunity to use Edible insects as a new source of protein and nourishment.Check out a range of Edible crickets, Edible Grasshopper, Edible Meal-worms, Edible worms           

Booth #1 VIXEL

Booth #2 Checkd

Booth #3 Vscan

Booth #4 Edible insects

1st speaker

Achmad Nasir Pedab.jpg
Achmad Subhan Nasir

Solution focused business professional, Pedab Norway

He will be talking about how to build and form a lasting client / partner relationship,s manage and evaluate business needs to maximize ROI and minimize TCO.
The importance of having stable and reliable service and hardware providers to ensure your startup can easily adapt and scale to any large customer needs


2nd speaker

Tor Martin.jpg
Tor Martin Olsen

Idealistic entrepreneur & business developer, investor, mentor

Tor Martin will be talking about how we went from a vacuum cleaner salesman to a super entrepreneur.
His journey and the importance of having a powerful network. What are the tools that are freely available and how to use it ethically

3rd speaker

Bilde Tobias mars 2021_liten.jpg
Tobias Studer Andersson

Innovation director and heading Sopra Steria’s global open innovation initiative called Sopra Steria Scale up.

He is in charge of helping incumbent organizations explore, experiment and scale innovative solutions developed by start-up companies. Tobias will be taking about "Innovation management", the international standard for how to drive innovation systematically and why startups should collaborate with established corporate

4th speaker

Raja Skogland

Investor in 70+ startups * Helping companies Go To Market, Fundraiser & Scale

What do investors look for & how to build a profitable and scalable business from the start?
Raja will be g
iving access to some of her best advice, events, case studies, video interviews and more

5th speaker

Female face2.png
To be announced

6th speaker

Female face2.png
To be announced

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