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AI in sustainability

Machine learning to manage your resources and optimize performance

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is everywhere, in your homes, your mobile phones in your vehicle. Why not have it at your place of work to make life easier.

Human activity has extracted more resources from the planet than it can replenish. At the current trend we are not able sustain quality of life for ourselves and the entire ecosystem.

Yet, for the fist time in history, we have the technology to reverse human activity and ensure the earth stays healthy.

Learn how you can get access to these low cost tools, the professionals with the knowledge and make your business profitable while being environmentally friendly using artificial intelligence.

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1st speaker

As businesses get back to Normal, we start to see human impact on the environment.
How could we monitoring and take immediate action can help us preserve nature.

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2nd speaker

You business creates constant data. what is valuable data and gather them. Identify different data sets and ensure accuracy.

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3rd speaker

Some case studies and hands on guideline on implementing them. The technology that you require, knowledge. A brief intro on how to start the journey on your own and identify where you need help.

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