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IoT, Big data and Machine Learning in sustainability

As new business models such as "Data science as a service", "Machine learning as a service" enable small business become as effective as large corporations,

Media Monday Oslo is happy to show you how you can use this tech to affect your business or the knowledge you need to make it in the future tech driven job market.


machine learning, image recognition, artificial intelligence


We discuss how we could utilize the power of Internet of things and gather data, analyze it with machine learning and maintain revenue and growth in today’s digital business environment.

In addition, other resource intensive businesses such as logistics, farming, retail, maritime, Energy, construction, ect.. create some of the largest amount of waste and by products. The by products such as methane from animal farming is greater than the all transportation systems inducing, trucking, aviation, shipping and all the automobiles put together. Despite the fact that we have mobile monitoring and autonomous tech, the lack of education, regulation and application has given rise to social unawareness.


We would like to discuss how new business could be created addressing these environmental, socioeconomic issues, using the tech we have at our hand and bring about a REAL industrial revolution 4.0.


The event is targeted at Government officials, municipalities representatives, construction, maritime, shipping, energy, transport and other energy intensive sectors and tech companies developing solutions to address

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1st speaker


Brita Staal

Senior Sustainability Advisor | Climate Reality Leader

Brita has expertise in building sustainability strategies in private and public sector, and has international experience as a senior advisor within the Nordics as well as in South Asia. Her areas of specialization in Nordic Sustainability is within climate risk & reality, and she is currently coordinating the International operations of Protect our Winters. 
Brita has held leadership roles within Quality and Sustainability in international corporations and has broad experience with managing risk & responsibility in global operations. 

She will be discussing, Can Tech really solve our current climate and sustainability challenge? Brita will take us through what the world is currently facing in terms of a changing climate, and how we are on track to meet Agenda 2030 in general, and SDG 13 in particular

Booth #1 Trygg-Grunn AS

delivers courses and exercises in order to reduce the risks and consequences of threats and use of violence in the work space. BRAK-VR aims to give people a sense of security while working, so the treatment of patients can be their main focus


Booth #2 VR Oslo

The aim of VR Oslo business cluster is to provide expert knowledge in Norway and internationally, serving local and global markets. VR Oslo is a testing ground for students, startups, and enthusiasts, where they can share insights with the biggest players on the globe

VR OSLO1.png

Booth #3 Rainfall AS

Rainfall works with AI/ VR/ AR and IOT through our Inhouse department and is an IT company with 41 employees and offices in London and Bergen. Be sure to smile at our emotion detecting light bulb it knows if you are happy or angry


2nd speaker


Nada Ahmed- Senior Innovation Lead at Aker Solutions

The shift in the Oil and Gas industry towards a more sustainable future enabled by new digital technology.

New digital technologies like Big Data, AI and VR/AR are accelerating the shift to more sustainable solutions in the oil and gas industry. Most players in the traditional O&G industry are under increasing pressure to deliver low carbon series/products and to decrease dependence on fossil fuel. New technologies are leading to more transparency and accountability of CO2 footprint of our activities, improving our ability to track emissions and optimize operations in terms of energy efficiency.

Nada will give examples of successful industry use cases in which technology is leading to more sustainable solutions, based on her experience in working with digital solutions in DNV GL, Kongsberg Digital and Aker Solutions

3rd speaker

Rune larsen Acando.jpg

Rune Larsen

Vice President Industry 4.0 Acando


Having worked with various sectors within sustainability and IoT, Rune will be talking about Environmental outcomes, economic and experimental outcomes.

A more tech based approach to Energy reduction and optimization leading to less Pollution, creating a culture of corporate stewardship with focus on Reducing operating and maintenance costs and creating less waste.


He will also be discussing about the use of AI & IoT on construction sites.

Booth #4 Ludenso

We help bridge the gap between the physical and digital world, by providing tools for thousands of developers through our open source platform for mobile AR. This way they can create magical content for millions of customers worldwide to experience the new digital reality.
Your portable cinema, aimed to change the way people consume their media content. It has sold over 10.000 units across 70 countries, and can be found in over 500 retail locations

Copy of Ludenso-logo-(Gradient)-.png

Booth #5 VRDen 

Unique experience center that offers the latest virtual reality technology. Such as racing and flight simulators with VR glasses and moving seats. You can play in many shooting VR games, run roller coaster, fly an X wing fighter through star destroyers and much more

Booth #7 NEXTGen

NextGen is a digital design bureau tackling 3D, VR and Mixed reality digital marketing challenges. They deliver customized virtual reality experiences and generate leads using VR

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