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AI in content marketing, Integrate with VR AR XR

We will discuss how traditional marketing techniques such as captivating storytelling, entertaining, inspiring content combines with marketing psychology can be automatically generated using AI (Artificial intelligence) and delivering this using the latest immersive, interactive tech such as AR VR XR at the perfect moment and format.

As individual and corporate values change, moving from a destructive to a renewable and circular economical models, for businesses this mean a great opportunity to capitalize on new markets, market trends, customer segments and new territories.


As tech has become prevalent even in the most remote parts of the world, connecting societies and cultures, our thoughts, dreams, inspirations, opinions, likes, dislikes, behaviors, activities, health conditions and even the most intimate feelings are being captured in real time. Learn how to make sense of this and reach out to your audience at the right time using the right message, format on the right channel.

We will have the following speakers who will run through how you can use AI in content creation (Text, visual and 3D animation) and how to integrate with VR AR XR MR.

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Jamie Allan

Enterprise Solutions Specialist NVIDIA Changing the world with AI


Outline of who Nvidia are in 2019, Trends in accelerated computing, What do Nvidia do to accelerate computing in different domains, Overview of the Nvidia software stack and platforms (CUDA-X, NGC, RTX),

How do you ascertain what can be accelerated in your organization

Example case studies with details on cost/time savings


Linn Husby

CEO, Owner & founder at Text Me AS


Content marketing, it's considered one of the most effective and inexpensive marketing techniques.

To attract, educate, inspire your audience and wining their trust and building a strong relationship, guiding them towards your offering

It starts with you, your unique perspective, your knowledge and your experiences. Linn will talk about how to create using amazing content using this


Dag Lein

CEO/Chairman/Co-Owner @ Animer Animation Studio


Latest statistics on why Animations and explainer videos are a key to marketing and customer success.

How could you take your armature videos and transform them into professionals animations at a low cost

6th speaker


Keith Mellingen

VR/AR Director | Community Builder | Rainfall AS


Using your existing content such as 360 Video and creating captivating VR content. Keith will show you  how easy it is to create VR content using existing animations and the latest user friendly platforms, technology to generate VR content,


He will discuss how to create brand awareness using indirect marketing through immersive gamification principals

1st speaker

Stig Andreassen.jpg

Stig Andreassen

Learning Delivery Specialist at Microsoft

Working with educational development and learning around the principles of play and games


MR, VR, AR, XR. Different terms but how does this really hang together? And what can we expect as digital glasses become more and more common?

How could you develop content and what type of commercial and technical support do you get to integrating the tech into your business strategy

Tobias SopraSteria.jpg

Tobias Studer Andersson- Head of SopraSteria Scale up Scandinavia

Is your startup in the acceleration phase, ready for a big move, and in need of a partner you can trust to get you there? The goal with SopraSteria Scale up is to identify and guide scale-ups who are ready to take the next step and grow their business. We want to be your trusted partner and make collaborating easier for everyone.

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Booth #1 Sennheiser

Get yourself a chance to win one of many Sennheiser memory mic where you can record with unlimited distance from the sound source.

Sennheiser is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission technology.

We shape the future of audio, based on our heritage, innovation culture, and passion for excellence


Booth #2 3D-Viewing 

Digitally map buildings giving people the freedom to experience any place at any time. Create 3D models as a primary medium for experiencing, sharing, and re-imagining the world around you. Automated, high-quality reality capture and distribution at the push of a button. Scan any place lightning-fast, incredible ease, and fully automated.

Booth #3

Videoutstyr Norge AS

Videoutstyr Norge AS is a company that provides 360 video and VR equipment for  purchase and rental. In addition, professional experts can assist you with any questions you may have relating to 360 production, distribution and presentation.

Professional experts can assist you with any questions you may have relating to 360 production, distribution and presentation. We have experience with clients in healthcare, law enforcement, remote operated vehicles, mapping, industrial surveying and education


Booth #4 Rainfall AS

Rainfall works with AI/ VR/ AR and IOT through our Inhouse department and is an IT company with 41 employees and offices in London and Bergen. Be sure to smile at our emotion detecting light bulb it knows if you are happy or angry


Booth #5 Ludenso

We help bridge the gap between the physical and digital world, by providing tools for thousands of developers through our open source platform for mobile AR. This way they can create magical content for millions of customers worldwide to experience the new digital reality.
Your portable cinema, aimed to change the way people consume their media content. It has sold over 10.000 units across 70 countries, and can be found in over 500 retail locations

Copy of Ludenso-logo-(Gradient)-.png

Booth #6 VRDen 

Unique experience center that offers the latest virtual reality technology. Such as racing and flight simulators with VR glasses and moving seats. You can play in many shooting VR games, run roller coaster, fly an X wing fighter through star destroyers and much more

Booth #7

Drammen Racing Center

Prolek AS is a company that provides high end simulators for rental and purchase. For purchase; we can provide any kind of motion platform with integrated software and VR experience. For rental; we have specialized in racing simulators with integrated VR experience

Prolek logo Offisiell.png

Booth #8 Tidvis

Tidvis explores and develops new ways of communicating and making history available using both well-known and new instruments and technologies.

Go back in time using VR or AR and experience how things looked and people lived.

Examples include databases, games, 3D models, augmented and virtual reality, animations, interactive sensory experiences and good, flexible design on all surfaces

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