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Big Data, the Big Picture: Privacy, Security, Technology and Regulatory

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With more devices capturing every single activity starting from your smartphone, home assistant to surveillance cameras with facial recognition and embedded chips in your body, everything from our actions to thoughts are being constantly recorded, analyzed and monetized.


With technology taking over every aspect of our lives, we have been bombarded with messages and manipulated to constantly consume. Being treated more like a commodity than an individual, is technology making us slaves to commercial entities, materialistic values, over fed with products that does not add value to our lives and destroy the planet? Or should the rules of the ethical use of tech be re written? Not just for the sake of privacy, but the sake of the environment, climate and the greater good of humanity, fauna and flora.

Should big data applications only be used to enhance human lives, such lift people up from poverty, educate the disenfranchised, connect communities, fight injustice and corruption and equal distribution of wealth, or should it just run free profiting large corporations  and servicing only the financial and wealth management systems.

Understand the big picture when it comes to big data and how it is turning us into the product and the technology that is enabling this, the regulations that are trying to protect our privacy and the security issues this could affect our safety.

We will also be discussing the ethical use of big data technology, how we who are being monitored can monitor those who monitor us and business models where we get share of the revenue for sharing our personal data.

Magnus Lysfjord

Magnus Lysfjord

CEO of the Sci-Code

Magnus Lysfjord is the CEO of the Sci-Code Company which was founded in Norway through the sponsorship of the Norwegian Research Council as well as the sponsorship from the Centre for Research, Innovation and Coordination of Mathematics Teaching (
The team was coordinated and organized by Magnus from 2015-2017, as a sponsored E-Learning research team by MatRIC, supervised by the greatest heads of e-learning, artificial intelligence, and computer science in Norway


Steve Cottingham

Northern & Eastern European Sales Manager at Eseye

Specializing in IoT/M2M, cellular connectivity, Apple, BIM/CAD software sales, sales management, channel sales management, international business development and health care management and sales with Eseye. A leading provider of cellular connectivity, device and security expertise for IoT & M2M. With one contract and invoice, Eseye's customers can access 470 mobile networks in 196 countries worldwide.

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