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Scandinavian marketing Automation Summit

How AI can be a tool to promote more inclusive language / communication

Due to technology such as ChatGPT which makes interacting with AI more user-friendly, creating tailor made content is easier than ever. This is giving amazing opportunities for non tech professionals in different industry to create more content for their respective audiences.
As society embraces different cultural values, we see how we can use technology to create customized content and communication material for a diverse audience with less effort, thus training our machines to be more culturally sensitive.


A platform to attract start-ups / students / scale-ups by using an eco-system of partnerships. We fill the vacuum in the market so that they will and can succeed both locally and internationally

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Media Mondays  is one of the fastest growing tech events in the Nordics. A place where creativity meets technology for a sustainable future.

We have insightful discussions on how technology is creating new business opportunities, exciting jobs, new possibilities, wealth and sustainable societies


Through reality capture, digital visitors can today easily inspect buildings remotely and professionals can easily get access to the 3D virtual copy of any existing property. This makes communication more efficient and reducing cost and time due to unnecessary travel.

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Achmad Subhan Nasir

Manager Infrastructure Development and Client computing, Pedab

Achmad will be speaking about How connectivity can support web 3.0 and enable data flow ensuring timely customer service. He will show how by partnering with industry giants such as Huawei,  startups and scale-ups can succeed both locally and internationally.

Sumit Sah

Technical Subject Manager - CRM

Sumit will be having an interactive session with the audience to build their chat bots for their respective businesses. He will be touching on how to build a voice chat system and take you on a step by step process of implementing such service for your organization.   

3rd speaker

Kristoffer Kvam

Customer Director i SMOC.AI

Kristoffer will have an interactive and fun demonstration on how to use the SMOC.AI platform to create a quiz to engage with your potential customers. He will show how to log all customer data to your CRM system and follow up in an entertaining and interactive way.

Sayantani Photo.jpg
Sayantani Saha

Community & Marketing Manager at HerSpace and Diversify

Sayantani  is the Marketing Manager at Diversify. Sayantani has diverse work experience across different fields. She has worked as a copy editor in a newspaper, a buyer and merchandiser in a retail organization and as a social media professional in various organizations.
She will be speaking on Inclusive Communication in Marketing.

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Ivett Josefine Geiger

A leading authority in AI and big data in marketing

Ivette will be having an interactive session with the audience to show the power of AI when it comes to creating visual content. She will host an audience participation session where people will be able experience the capabilities of mobile based applications. We will be having a competition towards the end to see the best result.

Maxim Salnikov

Go-to person to boost cloud adaptation

A rock star tech professional, He will talk about getting the best out of your ChatGPT for your marketing efforts. Be it either generating content for your campaign or more complicated task such as video and animations. Maxim will answer all you queries related ChatGPT

Panel member

Kine Aarum

Customer Director i SMOC.AI

Oversee all aspects of customer relations, product development, user experience, marketing activities, and contribute to investor relations. 

Panel member

We are awaiting confirmation on a leading authority on AI

The discussion will be around what you can do to implement the latest technology in your marketing efforts. 

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