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Nordic Technology Forum for Sustainability
Rebel, Universities gate 2 

"Tech for Sustainability: Building a Greener Future," a groundbreaking event that explores the intersection of technology and sustainability

This is an interactive gathering where will delve into cutting-edge technologies such as AI, mixed reality, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, drones, and robotics, focusing on their immense potential to drive sustainable practices across industries.

Booth #3 Liftestate


3D images and videos a step further, capturing every detail of your premises and creating digital twins that stand out

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Welcome to Next Generation Innovation Lab (i-Labs)
Where ideas become values, a dedicated place for startups and scale ups
Start - Growth - Hub

Booth #1 Media Monday Oslo

Media Monday logo new_edited.jpg

Media Mondays  is one of the fastest growing tech events in the Nordics. A place where creativity meets technology for a sustainable future.

We have insightful discussions on how technology is creating new business opportunities, exciting jobs, new possibilities, wealth and sustainable societies


1st speaker

Achmad Nasir Pedab.jpg
Achmad Subhan Nasir

Achmad will be speaking about the i-labs, a Norwegian concept designed to spear Norwegian values through technology around the wold. The 5 Major projects that i-Labs that we have started in Africa, south Asia, South America and South East Asia.

How you can be apart of the i-Labs community contribute or collaborate with these projects.

Camilla Gramstad,
Head of sustainability, Elkjøp Nordic

She will be talking about her role is to drive the companies sustainability strategy and agenda towards a circular economy, Coming from an industry with high negative impact, her vision is turning Elkjøp’s 12 000 employees into sustainability ambassadors.

Helge Stubberud.jpg
Helge Stubberud,
Solution Architect Sustainability, IBM

Senior solution architect with extensive experience from the Norwegian IT-industry. Helping business and organizations on their sustainable transformation journey through technology, ESG-reporting, asset management and supply chain challenges.

Paul white.jpg
Paul White,
Big data in sustainability

The presenter will be speaking about the how big-data, semantic integration and storage of technology is key to implementing sustainability Paul will have an interactive session with the participants on capturing data from existing datasets from legacy and ERP systems to generate sustainability reports.

Pål Skogrand
(VP Policy and Impact, Aker BioMarine)

The presenter will be speaking about sustainability, public affairs, and Antarctic regulatory matters.Pål emphasizes leveraging technology for sustainable practices, such as using drones for biomass monitoring, to exceed regulatory standards and ensure long-term profitability in the krill industry

Stina Kildedal-Johannessen.jpg
Stina Kildedal-Johannessen
Hansa Borg

Stina will be speaking about, Social responsibility of consumer beverages, Especially in the beer and alcohol industry, how it is leading the way in promoting responsible consumption. The various techniques that they use in communicating with their customers and partners.

Vidar Handal.jpg
Vidar Handal
Nordic Product Manager Urban Climate Resiliance at Wavin

Vidar will be talking about how their rain water collection system reduces the need for treated drinking in agriculture, cleaning and other areas where treated water is not a must.
The focus on developing sustainable products for good storm-water

Linn Anker-Sørensen.jpg
Linn Anker-Sørensen
Director | Global Sustainable Finance EY

Assisting clients on affordable and accurate data for regulatory compliance in the ESG blockchain based data infrastructure for economical funding and financing. Risk-mitigation against 'green-washing' claims, merge tech solutions through e.g. legal managed services

Panel member

Emilie Martinsen Christensen.jpg
Emilie Christensen,
Nordic Edge

Bringing in her perspectives working with Advancing a smarter and greener tomorrow through our Smart City Cluster, Innovation hub Innoasis & Expo

Panel member

Jonny Mauland.png
Jonny Mauland,

Bringing in his expertise of more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry, primarily as a tech architect, currently Nordic Sustainability Lead in Accenture Technology, focusing on how we can help Accenture’s clients use technology to enable and accelerate the implementation of sustainability use cases and solutions

Panel member

Tord Christensen.jpg
Tord Christensen,

Bringing in his expertise working for the world leading lighting producer with 38 000 employees, who have invented business models such as “Lighting as a service” which is a textbook example of Circular Economy models. They currently are using 3D print with reused material at industrial level, Smart lighting based on IOT, Sensors and data sharing through open API’s for buildings and cities

Panel member

Hans Motzfeldt.jpg
Hans Motzfeldt,
Kesko - K

Bringing in his expertise working in the building materials industry in Sustainability, International Relations, and Carbon Markets. You can read their sustainability report for 2022 here

Panel member

Frode Ettesvoll.jpg
Frode Ettesvoll
Compose Software

Bringing in his expertise as a lawyer working with gov-tech, low-code, automation, enterprise software, and digital process automation he is interested in working towards a more proactive digital future by enhancing interoperability, transparency, good governance and sustainability

Panel member

Sven Østebø
Senior Sustainability Consultant, Aider

The presenter will a live workshop to showcase the impact of technology. He will show how to re-utilize existing data, resources and tech to have a clear sustainability matrix.

Pål Engeseth.jpg
Pål Engeseth

Byggfakta follows over 90% of all current and planned construction projects in Norway.
  Including information about the start of construction, construction costs and the scope of the construction. Being Norway's largest research department, which closely follows all construction projects in Norway throughout the construction phase

Tormod Warren
CEO - Liftestate

3D images and videos a step further, capturing every detail of your premises and creating digital twins that stand out

Panel member

Pia Jøsendal.jpg
Pia Jøsendal,
Bouvet ASA

Bringing in her perspectives as a multi disciplinary professional specializing in how businesses and human interactions change societies.

Panel member

Siri Engesaeth.jpg
Siri Engesaeth,

Bringing in her perspectives as a CEO for a ESG SaaS platform. for Ethical supply chain management,  accounting and reporting

Panel member

Natalie Le Nguyen,
YoungShip Oslo

Bringing in her perspectives as a young lawyer, she will look at sustainability related challenges from a commercial law and litigation point of view

Panel member

Ane-Marte Weng.jpg
Ane-Marte Weng,

Bringing in her expertise as Senior Director and Sustainability Lead , she is Passionate about how businesses can leverage technology to drive positive changes in our society

Panel member

Siri jensrud.jpg
Siri Jensrud,
A politicians role in sustainability

She will be speaking about creating a political perspective when it comes to creating sustainable business practices and culture.. How the politicians need to rethink about businesses and environments.

Panel member

Maria siemens.png
Maria Fjogstad

I Maria, will be joining to discuss company that focuses on developing sustainable products and solutions at the forefront of technological development.products, systems and technology solutions that support the transition to green energy and more sustainable buildings and society..

Panel member

Erik Devetak.png
Erik Devetak, 
Chief Product and Data Officer, Xeneta

With a background in Goldman Sachs, Hewlett Packard,and CERN, now he is working with ocean and air freight rate bench marking and market analytics platform monitoring Carbon Emissions Index – Use data to reduce your container shipping C02 footprint.

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