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Try the Teslasuit


Experience the most advanced technology in haptic, motion capture and feedback. With the ability to simulate being shot by various weapons, explosions, fire and other sensations, Teslasuite is currently used with NASA, military and healthcare applications.

A revolution in the training and development as well as entertainment industry, now for the first time this technology is in Norway.

Be one of the first in Norway to experience this.
Contact us on                         for more details.

Find out how the technology can be used in Healthcare, defense, Sports and Enterprise.
Understand how muscles are artificially simulated, to create real motion that you can be used in exercises, training and other rehabilitation activities.

You will experience how to use Teslasuite to create motion capture to create better content for VR.

If you have an idea of how to use this technology, we have the perfect platform and dedicated technology team to assist you.

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