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Image by Timothy Hales Bennett

Media Monday

Where creativity meets technology for a better future

Media Mondays  is one of the fastest growing tech events in the Nordics. A place where creativity meets technology for a sustainable future.

We have insightful discussions on how technology is creating new business opportunities, exciting jobs, new possibilities, wealth and sustainable societies.


Our main topics include the application of tech such as

  • Artificial intelligence and Machine learning

  • Big-data

  • IoT

  • Drones

  • Robotics

  • VR & XR

  • Autonomous systems

  • Mobile and wearable tech


Media Monday is dedicated to digital transformation and ethical use of technology. We have 4 events a year and a strong community of 15000

Our goal is to fill the gap between tech and potential customers and consumers

We mainly speak to commercial professionals from all industries.


Our partners include


Educate your potential customers and direct them to your solution

Share your technology and user cases to a targeted audience. Get valuable feedback.

  • Find inspiration

  • Get access to the latest technology, startups and scaleups

  • Meet potential corporate partners, customers, investors, innovation hubs, government and academic institutions


Are you struggling to market your solution?


Based on our success with Media Monday events, we have identified how to attract audiences from various industry sectors,

Media Monday has the perfect combination of hardcore tech competency and marketing expertise

Blakkens vei 98, 1281 Oslo, Norway

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