Where creativity meets technology for a better future

Media Mondays  is one of the fastest growing tech events in the Nordics. Our core message is Technology with a purpose. It's a place where creativity meets with technology to create a sustainable future where everything and everyone lives in harmony.

We initiate insightful discussion on new business opportunities, exciting jobs possibilities, wealth creation, sustainability bought apron by the development of technology.


Our main topics are the application of tech such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, Bigdata, IoT, drone tech, robotics, VR, XR, autonomous systems, mobile and wearables. Using this tech like different instruments in an orchestra we discuss how to create a symphony of solutions to eradicate things such as poverty, inequality, hungry, destruction of nature etc.


Media Monday is a dedicated omni-channel media platform for digitization and digital transformation. We primarily market using events and other digital and social media platforms. Running surveys into least tech oriented industries and business functions, we identify gaps in the market where other mainstream tech related information platforms ignore.

An interactive B2B platform for tech companies and Startups, our team consists of tech professionals with a strong marketing background with a passion to solve the world's problems. Our goal is to fill the gap between tech and potential customers and consumers. We achieve this by educating c suite and key corporate decision makers in understanding the business potential and application of tech. Since most senior commercial managers aren't tech savvy and Startups and other professionals, developing these technologies speak different languages, we bridge this gap by simplifying tech jargon into commercial terminology clearly pointing out the bottom line.

This has given us the ability to attract esteemed business professionals and a large percentage of female participants. As of today, Media Monday Oslo boasts the highest turn out of female professionals for a tech event.


With over 40k followers and 8k Norwegian companies, MMO is an exclusive B2B marketing partner for multinationals such as Microsoft, Cisco, IBM and Major Norwegian cooperates such as Evry, SopraSteria..

We have a unique combination of technology and marketing know-how, that enables us to bring you face to face with potential customers.

Speak to our marketing consultants to understand how we achieve this on


Our services go beyond pure marketing, we do extensive research into potential audiences for the tech that we are presenting. These audiences are individually screened before and after each event and relevant feedback delivered to the partner companies providing the tech or solutions.

Educate your potential customers on the technology and direct them to your solution

Share your technology and user cases to a targeted audience. Get valuable feedback as well as potential customers .

  • Find inspiration in a professional forum and from cutting edge technology.

  • Get access to the best technology for the media marketing and communication HR and other business sectors.

  • We will provide you the specific audience and eventual potential customers.


Based on your requirements, Media Monday has the the perfect platform to showcase your product and ideas. Themed events targeting specific audiences. 

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Are you struggling to market your solution? With an overload in communication portals and product placement, grabbing your prospect's attention has never been harder.

With access to the latest digital marketing tools, we can use your existing resources, user data and other material to:

  • Identify your ideal customers

  • Connect you to the digital and physical hubs where they hang out.

  • Get free access to the best marketing and communication technology to convert this prospects into paying customers.

  • We will provide you with guidance and other marketing know-how and train your staff to continuously maintain growth.


Based on our success with Media Monday events, we have identified how to attract audiences from various industry sectors,

Media Monday has the perfect combination of hardcore tech competency and marketing expertise