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AI IoT and Big data in practice

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Today we live in a society where we have an over supply of food, clothing, housing, raw material, knowledge, technology and other resources.

Unfortunately due to our paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, this has led to a great disparity in our world. Where we see obesity on one side and the malnourished on the other. Unused luxury housing next to overcrowded slums. Hyper connected super computing side by side with inequality and illiteracy. What is required is not technology, but a change in the mindset of how we use it.

Its time to transform our unhealthy business and social practices which has lead us to unsustainable ecosystems. The time to end the cycle of financial, environmental and social disasters is upon us.

The discussion would be around how to use existing technical infrastructure, data-sets together with IoT/Machine Learning, AI, Mobile, Edge, Cloud and Big data for companies to be more sustainable for both private and public sectors.

Since sustainability is the next big industrial trend worth trillions of US$, there is massive potential in this sector.

We would like to invite you to an exclusive event where we discuss the business opportunities brought apron by this shift and how to use existing technology to transform your business into a more sustainable and profitable one.

Booth #1 Nornir

Nornir: AI eneabled Plug and play IoT (internet of things) that brings Web and data linking back to what it was originally intended to do. Learn how distribution of data, web resources around the world can become more intelligent and act autonomously. Regardless of which communication protocols, they get their intelligence from the collective (AI network). Using a hived mind system feeding the collective with more intelligence has the network evolve and grow.     


Booth #2 Teslasuit

TESLASUIT is a human-to-digital interface designed to simulate experience and accelerate mastery in the physical world.It integrates a combination of haptics, motion capture, and biometry, opening a wide range of opportunities for applying XR-technologies. Get an opportunity to experience the most advanced haptic and motion capture technology


1st speaker & presenter

Ellen Pure consulting.jpg

Ellen Sofie Øgaard

Sustainability Adviser in Pure Consulting

where is helping organizations to become fit for the future.

Pure has a unique approach to aligning business strategy with sustainable developmental experience from a range of strategy projects within Norwegian private and public sector, working with organizations such as Ruter, Vinmonopolet, the municipality of Asker, Hurtigruten and Grieg Group. Ellen has a MSc in Corporate Environmental Management, a business bachelor, and is founder of the food-tech startup FEEDup. 

2nd speaker

Alf gateway.jpg

How Internet of Things is helping us optimize the data gathering process and automate actions.

As edge devices get more powerful, portable and robust, 5G is helping real time on demand data transfer. Connecting these devices to a central or decentralized system has given us the ability to make sense of data much faster and return insights otherwise undetected.

This gives us the ability to predict faster and take action even before the incident.

We will discuss plenty of technology development challenges versus opportunities. Modern technology has given us enormous opportunities for development and it has had its price. We often choose the most economical rewarding solutions, not sustainable and not utilize this big data to capture information that lead to sustainable choices. Gateway has the experience and has worked with smart choices, and smart technology


The presentation would end with a data integration Q & A.

Booth #3 Xlayer

Xlayer Technologies AS is developing the Xlayer ™ Software System which will be a groundbreaking new application based platform focusing on everything in Extended Reality. It will include a variety of digital tools that will radically streamline work and interaction processes in the construction industry worldwide (and other industries) via Extended Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing.

Xlayer logo.png

Booth #4 Checkd

Checkd will talk about the importance of communication, the one skill needed to succeed in any project. Learn why e mail, SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp and Snapchat does not work and using mobile and cloud technology how to make the communication visual and get mutual understanding immediately.

White CHECKD logo.png

Booth #5 Xvision AS

Xvision has many years of experience, helping engineering and technial companies both large and small visualize technical concepts, products and services. X vision has developed an application called the Field Activity Planner, this ground-breaking software uses the latest technology from SAAS, VR and Big Data in a very visual and intuitive way

X vision logo1_edited.png

3rd speaker

Kim Hitachi.jpg

Kim Øystein Næss, Hitachi Vantara

With real time continues or on-demand autonomous data gathering using IoT, computer vision and other advanced sensors, the data streams have become 100% accurate. This is mainly due to the exclusion of human errors.

The presentation would cover the topic of how Big data technology is helping industries to create meaningful and actionable data and have an accurate over view of all resources to ensure optimal allocation and action by collecting your scattered data from all divisions, departments and external sources.

Hitachi Vantara has created its own subsidiary for Social Innovation which is part of our Technology group spanning multiple areas where we manufacture solutions within water, waste, energy, medical, pharmaceutical, transportation, smart cities and more. We will take a deeper look into some technological use cases which Hitachi has developed using data and machine learning in order for us to live a more sustainable future

4th speaker


Lillian Smestad, Inmeta

Lillian would be providing examples of cases where machine learning (ML) has been applied in projects that address one or more of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

The cases are specifically picked from various industries/areas, showcasing the usage and benefit of the technology

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