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The future Belongs to those who can see it before It happens.


Cryptocurrencies and NFT: the applications keep evolving. The technology keeps getting better, faster and user more friendly.

What are the new opportunities, Is it just digital currency and assets, or can we completely transform business, societies and lives?

We are Discussing how you can build a future based on cryptocurrencies, NFTs and what are the new trends which are coming. 


Zoom Meeting ID: 912 6664 6553 Pass-code: 094031

Additional  panel members

1st speaker 


Sumit Sah

(watch video)

Forwarding leaning and gifted to identify new technological trends and educate people on business technology fit. 
A Senior Manager in a leading technology consulting company in Norway, Sumit will be talking about web 3.0 including 

  • Socio-Economic Disruption in Pandemic   

  • Rise of a New Socio-Economic Trend (Web 3.0)  

  • Norwegian Parliament Takes Notice of Web 3.0   

  • Darkside of Web 3.0


Luis García

(Watch video)

Save the Planet in a Profitable Way!

How NFT can be adapted to save the environment, make indeginous tribes and the lives of those living in developing countries better. 


They would like you to join in becoming part of the solution for climate change by owning and helping to protect rain-forests.
Become an active participant in the carbon credits market. 

2nd speaker


After several exits as serial entrepreneur, Winther engaged 65 global brands like Ferrari, Ducati, Real Madrid, Mövenpick, and Banco Santander to develop the best venture creation system and built $2 billion annual turnover businesses for big corporate. 

He will be talking about 

  • The current centralized financial system

  • How we pay over 90% tax

  • Where does all our tax money go?

  • Money = human energy 

  • A distributed people driven financial system

  • Creating your own bank

  • Creating your own economy


Marcuz Sean

(Watch video)

A 12 year-old who loves making digital arts and is aspiring to be better at programming.

He is going to talk about creating NFT to sell to a dedicated customer base. The technical knowledge needed and his inspiration to create unique digital art.


3rd speaker


Magnus Jones, Nordic Blockchain & Innovation Lead | EY Tax & Law

(watch video)

Magnus Jones and Gjert Melsom established The Norwegian EY Blockchain team at the end of 2015, with almost 30 people who work with this on a daily basis.


The Nordic region's largest and most competent consulting environment within Blockchain, Magnus and his team work with everything from start-ups to public listed companies, and provide services ranging from Tax & Law to Fraud / Forensic, Sustainability, financial services, accounting and auditing.

Magnus will be talking about the current ecosystem within block chain in Norway. 

4th speaker


Wilhelm Myrer, CEO at Empower

(Watch video)

The founder of the Circular Economy Platform & Chairman of the Oslo Blockchain Cluster, his focus on building businesses and technology to achieve a Circular Economy, speed up the transition to Renewable Energy and decentralized finance and security. 

He will talk about how you can create a crypto based economy for the renewable energy and green tech in developing countries, thus giving people incentives to recycle and regenerate. 

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