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International sustainable and organic food festival 2019

18.08.2019  Mesh, Oslo  1100-1500

Join us for the International organic and sustainable food festival on 18 August 2019.


The idea behind the event is to gather organic and sustainable food consumers and educate them of the various options out there in the market and different food choices.


Out target is to break through the following misconceptions

  • Organic food which is produced sustainably is expensive

  • Is in limited variety

  • Uncertainty about suppliers/products (can anyone have an “organic/sustainably grown logo” and sell)

  • How do I trust mu supplier?

  • Hard to access,

  • Where can I buy my products

Send us a message on

Or call us on +47 93 27 88 40

Cricket cook book.JPG

We hope to showcase the following

  • ​What are the best deals for organic and sustainable food

  • If you are going vegan or want to have more sustainable products, what are the nutrition facts

  • How to prepare these meals

  • What accompaniments such as beverages can I use with these meals

  • Who are the communities and support organizations to get more information about organic and sustainable food and other consumer products

  • How could you contribute to or support this movement?

  • What technology is being used for the process and how it’s effecting the industry


Please let us know if you would be interested in collaborating or having a stand.

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