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So why do we need to "go mobile"?

Mobile browsing has overtaken desktop. If your business is not mobile you are not reaching out to the customers whre they are.

With over 1 Billion mobile devices and the internet of things (IoT) looming over the horizon, every business needs a mobile experience. Customers' expectations are evolving and a mobile experience is something that has now become the norm.
From recipes to email, Bio metrics to telemetry: all data is processed and consumed on the go. Any organization that is not up to todays mobile standards wil not be able to exist in tomorrows business environment.

If you don't have mobile on your agenda then get it there quickly! It's no longer whether you should optimize for mobile, but how.The two most popular ways to improve a mobile experience are either to create a Mobile Websites or an App - and sometimes having an app and a mobile site working alongside each other can be beneficial. Understand when and where your customer would require your product/service and ensure you are there at that very moment by designing and delivering your mobile exprience directly to that time and location.
Ensuring the right design together with the user interface and functionality combined with the right marketing platform ensures a seamless experince for our customers. If you would like to know more


Its not just about building an App, its about ensuring the correnct interface, Interaction with the user, The desigh... Just as an Italian sports car, Unless the App is applealing and functional, It will not deliver.

We give you the best UX and design team based out of Norway to ensure your App not Just functions but ensures an seamless expreince to your users

If you have a great idea for an App. We will give you free consultation on how to turn it in to a working application for all operating systems.
In addition you can get the best prices for development, Assemble your content, build and configure your app


If everything is to your specification: we will Publish your app on Google Play, Amazon Appstore
& iTunes App Store or any other app store

Are you looking for someone to design your Mobile Application (APP)? We give you state of the art service for a fraction of the


DESIGN: Design your LOGO and Add online content, interactivity, movies & sound.

PREVIEW: Preview your content on any device

Share with your team or client Lightning fast


PUBLISH: Assemble your content, build, configure your app and Publish


We will Publish your app on:Google Play, Amazon Appstore & iTunes App Store as well as any other platform of your preferance

Mobile Websites

There are various different ways to approach a mobile site build; optimize your whole site and build a stand alone version, choose certain areas of site or build a responsive designed site using media queries to work out the device the content is being consumed on.

inked to speed is the ability for mobile users to quickly find what they are looking for. Mobile users are easily put off and if your navigation isn't intuitive they will leave.

Mobile Apps

When does a mobile website make sense?


  • Allows you to increase the traffic to your site

  • Makes it easy for customers to find you

  • Improves usability

  • Improves your customers experience of your brand

  • Increases conversion.

  • Improves your search ranking


Good Apps are typically more intuitive and easier to use than a mobile site. 

Apps interact directly with the phone and utilize its existing functionality, such as GPS and Camera to improve the user experience. Apps can work without internet connectivity & they can be constantly running in the background of the device giving a business the ability to send automatic updates ('Push' notifications) to the user.

When does an app make sense?

If you are making a game
When you want to utilize the phone's functionality such as camera or GPS
When a high level of personalization is needed
When content needs to be consumed offline

What are the challenges?


You need to tell customers about your App. The App can only be accessed through the app stores and not in organic search, so you should consider putting some budget aside for promotion.

To conclude

There's no right answer and we've only just touched on what a mobile optimized experience can do for you. At Euro Gulf we first work out the best approach for you and your customers and as we develop both Mobile Sites and Mobile Apps, we don't come at it with any bias. Here are a couple of our Mobile case studies;


Give us a call or drop us an email and we will work with you to find out what works best.

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