Your products-services in the Middle East

  • Partner up with distributors

  • Engage with clients directly

  • Setup a regional office to manage the Middle East, Africa, Asia & the surrounding regions

  • Market research

  • Test your products/services in the Middle Eastern market



If your needs are such or similar to the above, we have a the solution for you. At, we have established strong relationships with market leaders from almost all industries to get the required contacts from whatever industry you are thinking of.

  • Oil & Energy including Renewable Energy

  • Information technology, Media & communication, Telecommunication

  • Automotive & transportation including Air lines

  • Consumer & retail including high fashion

  • Health care & Pharmaceutical including health care informatics

  • Real estate & Construction including infrastructure

  • Financial services and Banking

  • Government authorities and Non Governmental Organizations

  • Tourism & Hospitality including Health & fitness

  • Logistic services including: Shipping, Aviation & trucking

  • Technology including disruptive technology

  • Music, Arts & entertainment including Sports & recreation


Whatever your query about the Middle East is, we have the ideal solution for you.


The Middle East has established its self as a business hub, and is your gateway to the fastest growing markets in the world: Africa, South & Central Asia.

The Middle East and North Africa are regions of great opportunity for all types of companies. The business in these regions can be rewarding as well as challenging. If you accurire to do commerce in the Middle East and North Africa, we can help you assess your potential. For trade counseling and further commercial information in the Middle Eastern and North African countries. Please send us the specifics of your request to us.