Tell us your preference and we can identify the ideal venue for you. Be it a conference, an intimate meeting for VIP customers, or an exciting event, we have agreements with various exciting locations.

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Tell us what you wish to achieve through your event, conference or meeting and your target audience, we will help you with

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Catered Event

A well designed concept based around your organization, product or service, not only impresses your audience but helps them identify with what you are promoting.

The concept allows you to not just showcase your solution but also the ecosystem around the user.



Image by Nick Fewings

Pitching for sponsorship requires extensive skills in selling the vision. A strong sponsor not just covers the cost but also creates an impressive image of the organization giving credibility.

Let us help you identify strong sponsors for your events and seminars.




Identifying and inviting curated audience members gives maximum value to your efforts and investment in the event. We screen for the ideal audience who you are looking to reach and ensure a higher percentage of participation.


Laser show and visual effects

Multicolor Laser Light Art

Make your event exciting with interactive state of the art visual effects to keep your audience entertained. Choose from a range of effects to holograms both to entertain, educate and inform. 


Digital social media

The most exciting events, unless it is communicated clearly to potential audiences in the right channels, all that effort would be a wasted. Let us get your ideal target market speaking to them in the language


Ticket sales

Ticket Graphic

Organizing an event or a seminar is but the beginning. Enuring your efforts are rewarded, ensuring the ticketing process is seamless including payment and cancellations, adds to the audience experience. 


Audience engagement and feedback

People Clapping

An event or seminar is all about participants, all the effort that is put in is to ensure that they are satisfied. Ensure their satisfaction, by properly engaging with them prior, during and after the event



Motivational Speaker

Identifying compelling and knowledgeable speaker or influencer within your domain to capture the imagination of the audience, wowing them with inspiration and amazement is a cornerstone of any successful event.


Audio visuals

Audio Mixing Controller

A primary component of events and seminars are the audio visual system. We have the most dedicated team working on this bringing you the latest technology and creativity.



Go Team

Covering a topic from different angles, the better experience and value to your audience. Identifying ideal partners providing complementing products/services to your offering to highlight your value proposition.



Wedding Venue

Location location location, The ideal venue that is both convenient accommodating and complementary to your event and seminars, we ensure that your audience get the most our of their experience


Event planning

Wedding Table

A well laid out plan from the "why" all the way to delivering a favorable result by not just executing a successful event but ensuring your return on investment by taking your audience on an amazing journey.


Music, Video and entertainment

Video Camera

Keep your audience entertained from start to finish with the right combination of entertainment. Get the right mix of music based on your theme and topic, to ensure your audience get an unforgettable experience.

Additional staff

Kitchen Staff

Identifying enthusiastic and qualified personnel to not just to run your event, but to ensure appropriate audience engagement is key. We supply support staff with specific industry knowledge to suite your needs.



Robotic Arm

Are you looking for technology to enhance your event experience or your product offering? We will identify the latest technology that complements your concept and create experiences that ensure audience satisfaction


Virtual, Augmented  and mixed reality

Virtual Reality Device

Expand your audience's horizons with an immersive and interactive experience. Instead of just explaining on stage or a document, give the the ability to see, feel and touch with the latest in VR/AR and haptics.


Media coverage

News Cameras

Increase the impact of your event with end to end media coverage. Create a buzz around your event, topic or offering thus exponentially increase the exposure. We have all key media organizations to choose from.