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Euro Gulf Technoloy offeres total energy solution to our clients: starting from the indistrial sector.
Our Solution covers: technology, feasibility studies, government approvals, financing, maintenance, upgrades and expansion.
In addition we help our clients in generate additional revenue by re selling excess energy either to the national grid or the locality.

The technology provided is designed to self expand as the client's business expands.
Incorporate new technologies to further improve and stream line the serviceSupporting the rapidly growing businesses by being energy independent and increasing their revenue by re selling the additional energy back to the grid or the surrounding locality, We hope to make our client's businesses more competitive and attractive in the international market.

Our target sectors include:

  • The toursim Sector

  • Commercial buildings

  • Agricultural and farming sector

  • Industrial sector

In addition, we our services as a consultancy in converting the above sectors into energy independent entities globally.

The knowledge will be shared with universities plus offering grants and special internship programs eventually leading to permanent employment of the graduates with our clients and partners.

In addition: we hope to offer the students exchange programs where the supporting university students would get the opportunity to travel overseas and for a short period and get the valuable exposure to foreign culture and increase their technical knowledge related to Renewable energy and have a full understanding of a working business model based on Renewable Energy


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