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Reduce time, financial exposure, risk and other disadvantages that comes with traditional business strategies & methodologies and tap into the rapid business development processes used by today’s lean technology startups and agile methodologies. Following the system that is outlined in Lean Startup we can help you implement your own "lean" in-house startup operation.


Start-up tools and methodologies for your business

We can tweek your lead generation and conversion process leveraging sophisticated campaign management tools, in-depth analysis and constant campaign refinement. Creating cusotmized customer acquisition techniques to leverage Paid, Earned and Owned channels and get immediate results

Lean and agile Customer Acquisition

Using agile marketing, we convert user data into actionable insights that increase customer conversion and in-app engagement. Through advanced Business intelligence tools, investigation, testing and prototyping we continually improve conversion results which increases ARPU (average revenue per user) and increase LTV (lifetime value)

Growth Hacking

Our team of experienced technology oriented, startup and enterprise savvy consultants can be quickly deployed to
test and validate your ideas and get your product generating revenue faster than traditional methodologies.


Bring your Ideas to market as fast as possible with less expenditure

Management Consulting

Our management consulting team is primarily focused on developing and implementing new business models and products in accordance with best Lean Startup and agile practices. We also provide some of the more conventional management consulting services augmenting these services.

  • Validation of new business model

  • Validation of product-market fit

  • Creating of startup ventures utilizing exisiting resources

  • Integrating startups into exising business model

  • Vendor sourcing

  • Negotiations

  • e-commerce strategy and integration

  • Lean analytics

  • Automated customer acquisition

With strong expertise in the development and implementation of SaaS delivered and cloud hosted web based applicationsw our consultants cosists of a team of successful start-up entrepreneurs who have expertise in the latest web based management, delivery and analysis tools who are well positioned to assist with you the following:

  • Code & infrastructure

  • Agile development

  • Cloud based infrastructure

  • Online reporting and bigdata

  • Online development tools

  • PaaS and IaaS

  • Web-services tool

Technology Consulting

Targeted and specific calls to action that drive activity, engagement and loyalty at every point in the lead to conversion process. Our creative campaign strategies leverage the latest and most relevant technologies.

  • Digital and mobile marketing strategy

  • Social media marketing

  • Creative Direction

  • Growth hacking & Bigdata analysis

  • UI/UX analysis

  • A/B testing

  • Content marketing, (text, image and video)

  • Landing page optimisation

  • Web & Mobile optimization


  • Website optimization,  re desing

Creative & Marketing

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